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Morning Macro 24 February 2017

Hello, on today’s Morning Macro Tom talks to Kevin Loane, Emerging Markets Economist at Fathom Consulting, about whether Brazil’s reform agenda and economic recovery are sustainable – and what Mexico’s economic authorities are doing to deal with the Trump effect. Sigrún met with Tore Stramer chief economist at Nykredit last week. Here is the second part … Continue reading Morning Macro 24 February 2017

Morning Macro 21 February 2017

Hello. On today’s Morning Macro, Tom speaks to Yvonne Mhango of Renaissance Capital about Africa’s biggest economy: Nigeria. Inflation could be close to a peak, she tells us, and efforts to liberalise the exchange rate regime continue; there are also signs from the real estate sector that an anti-corruption drive is taking effect.     … Continue reading Morning Macro 21 February 2017