17 March 2017: G20 currencies large and small, with Paul Bednarczyk; and Ed Dolan part 2

On this Morning Macro episode: currency – both the main ones like the euro and the dollar and the more exotic ones like the Canadian dollar and the Swedish krona, also with a mention of oil prices – and how pro-cyclical fiscal policy could take the US back to a financial crisis.

Sigrún talked to Paul Bednarczyk, a currency analyst veteran from 4CAST RGE, part of Roubini Global Economics. We started off with the euro, speculating in possible euro and dollar surprises before taking a look at two less traded currencies, the Canadian dollar and the Swedish krona before a bit of a banter about hat-eating and oil prices.

Then the second part of Tom’s interview with Ed Dolan, another veteran watcher of the global economy who after decades abroad, inter alia in Russia, is now back home in the US where he fears the Trump administration could be leading the economy back to crisis. He points out the three main drivers in the Trump economy: tax cuts, military spending and deregulation – and says forget about the possibility of a 3-4% GDP growth, not seen since last century and then more related to demographics rather than any economic stimulants.

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Music by longzijun

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